Published: June 24, 2020  •  200 Views

Military Operations Research Society (MORS): Putting Advanced Analytics into the Hands of National Security Decision Makers

Bridging the technological gap between data science and civilian and military decision-makers is critical to leveraging advanced analytics' potential. Decision-makers have a diverse range of analytical requirements. Some decisions are made after the deep and thoughtful analysis of an objective. In contrast, others can take weeks, days, or hours to decide. But many problems require quick answers to simple questions, like: when will I need to replace the engine on this vehicle; where will security assistance funds be best utilized? Or: what is the projected readiness rate of fighter squadrons and combined arms battalions next month? Data Scientists and Analysts face dual challenges of understanding their audience and delivering analytics in a way that enables these decisions and triggers action. 

Data Science requires a centralized platform of trusted data and open architecture with SDKs and APIs to help data scientists deploy purpose-built predictive solutions. Beyond this, they need a way to deliver predictive insights to decision-makers across devices and in their routine workflows. Senior Leaders may be operating at a technological deficit and with a deluge of data. They may be unable or too busy to study a dashboard and rely on receiving information through email or a web-based tool. Data Scientists will have to meet decision-makers where they are to unlock the promise of the data. MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence solves this problem by embedding data from disparate data sources into the decision-maker's common systems in an easy to consume format. This includes the advanced models of a Data Scientist - thus allowing them to make data-driven decisions quickly.

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