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Injecting HyperIntelligence into your HR Systems to Turbocharge Employee Performance Management

HyperIntelligence allows your employees to see information they need to make decisions in real time—directly in the applications they use every day. For managers, HyperIntelligence can quickly surface key performance and development plan information on their team’s employees. Managers are empowered to quickly take action on performance reviews, and other HR approval tasks, without leaving their email or mobile device. HR workflows that previously required multiple applications and context switches can now be completed in a single place, saving significant time.

Join this on-demand webinar to learn how MicroStrategy has made employee interactions, performance management, and coaching and development faster and more intuitive with HyperIntelligence. MicroStrategy's CHRO, Joty Paparello, will describe how HyperIntelligence has transformed employee access to information and will discuss how other HR departments can benefit from the same transformation.

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