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How the Scottish Power HR team put Enterprise Analytics to work

Scottish Power is a global leader in the energy industry. It’s the first integrated company in the UK to generate 100% of its power from sustainable sources. But its innovation doesn’t stop with harnessing wind energy and smart grids—it's using data in new and exciting ways to run a better business. 

View this webinar to learn how the HR team at Scottish Power is putting enterprise analytics to work and how they responded to the COVID crisis using data-driven insights. 

Get details on:

  • How MicroStrategy can deliver a 360° view of your employees 
  • Why ScottishPower invested in HR analytics for its workforce 
  • How the HR team planned, built, and deployed its analytics solution 

You’ll leave empowered with use cases and best practices on how your organisation can help navigate today’s HR landscape using data-powered initiatives.

On-Demand Webinars

45 / 45 videos | 33H 8M 22S total runtime

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