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Enhance Your Google Apps with MicroStrategy: Federate GBQ, Augment Enterprise Applications, and Integrate AI

With Google Cloud growing at over 60% in the Enterprise, CIO’s and CDO’s are accelerating plans to integrate this platform into their infrastructure and data strategy. In this webinar MicroStrategy VP Rob Davis will present the integration points between the MicroStrategy platform and Google and discuss the business benefit of using a modern, open, and enterprise grade analytics platform in the wider Google ecosystem.

MicroStrategy benefits from multiple integration points with Google Cloud, Google Suite, and the data and analytics tools therein. With investment in Google Cloud Platform increasing in the enterprise, MicroStrategy’s GBQ integration as well as hosting and data science integrations can help create a data hub to integrate Google into the rest of your enterprise data assets. Data import and export with Google Suite and deep Chrome integration including MicroStrategy’s HyperIntelligence complete the picture with innovative and intuitive analytics tools for everyone. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Details of the integration points and benefits of using MicroStrategy with GCP and GBQ
  • Opportunities to link data into Google Suite using MicroStrategy
  • Connections between Google AI and data science resources and MicroStrategy
  • How MicroStrategy enhances Google offerings through unique capabilities such as HyperIntelligence

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