Published: May 17, 2021  •  491 Views

Embedded, Self-Service Analytics Products Create Business Value at Quotient Technology

This edition of MicroStrategy's Executive Series features an in-depth discussion with Lenin Gali, CIO & CISO at Quotient Technology. The conversation covers a wide range of topics – from the building of key technological partnerships, to optimizing self-service BI, and how Quotient Technology drives significant value for the business and their customers through the use of embedded analytics.

About Quotient Technology

Quotient Technology is transforming shopping to make life better. Started as, Quotient has developed into an omnichannel digital marketing company with 121MM targetable verified shoppers in its network, 89B retail transactions tracked for exclusive partnerships, and 5.5B annual coupon activiations to target based on purchase intent. 

At Quotient, data is their largest asset, and the analytics  on that data, is how they have grown their business so successfully. In this webinar you will learn how Quotient Technology drives significant value for the business, and their customers alike, through the use of embedded analytics with MicroStrategy. 

About the Executive Webinar Series

Join MicroStrategy President and CFO Phong Le for a series of ongoing discussions with leading executives from across diverse industries. Their conversations explore how digital transformation and data analytics affects organizations in today’s landscape — and how the technological challenges/opportunities of 2021 impact the business.  

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