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​Embedded Analytics Enable Fast Data-Driven Decisions for Everyone

What will define the next decade of progress in BI and analytics? A growing list of thought leaders believe it will be the delivery of concise, action-driving insights within the context of the applications that business users rely on every day. The last decade of progress was focused mainly on delivering self-service capabilities. That trend brought BI and analytics to a broader base of users, but it only went so far. Data analysts and power users remain in the driver’s seat while too many business users struggle to interpret or to even interact with dashboards and reports. 

In this on-demand webinar, Doug Henschen, a Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, will describe trends and technology breakthroughs that are bringing decision-supporting analytics into the context of productivity applications, enterprise applications, and custom applications where people do their day-to-day work. Rob Davis, Vice President of Solution Management at MicroStrategy, will explain how HyperIntelligence, the fastest growing product in MicroStrategy’s 30-year history, exemplifies this type of breakthrough technology.

Watch this on-demand webinar and you’ll learn:

  • How to promote data-driven decision making without forcing users to toggle between reports and dashboards and their day-to-day productivity and business applications
  • What features and capabilities to look for that support five levels of embedded analytics
  • Why embedding approaches are crucial to innovative organizations looking to disrupt their markets with data-driven software and services
  • How off-the-shelf ERP, CRM and HCM applications can be turbocharged with data-driven insights delivered at key decision points.

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