Published: June 17, 2021  •  135 Views

The Power of MicroStrategy and Vertica – Deliver Lightning - Fast Analytics and ML at Scale

Explore the power of MicroStrategy and Vertica.  When deployed together, the solution provides a scalable, powerful analytics suite that provides insights and analytical dashboards.  

Learn how MicroStrategy + Vertica can offer:

  • Faster insights at scale – Provide real-time analytics, empowering customers to make better data-driven decisions, faster
  • Predictive Analytics – Database machine learning allows customers to quickly adopt ML models  
  • Data Governance and Security - Vertica's support of Voltage’s unique format preserving encryption combines with MicroStrategy security, allowing customers to fully leverage the value of their data while keeping it secured 

If you’re in the process of modernizing your data warehouse and data lakes, listen to this webinar to learn how MicroStrategy and Vertica can help you remove data silos, scale to unlimited users, and provide elegant dashboards for your company.  

Experience the platform yourself!

Request a pilot and member of our team will contact you to understand your business needs and demonstrate how MicroStrategy can help.

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