Published: June 03, 2020  •  249 Views

Data Platform for Actional Enterprise Insights

MicroStrategy, Informatica, and Snowflake joined forces to discuss solutions that will allow organizations to make real-time intelligence out of their multitude of data sources and empower every employee in the company to make intelligence-driven decisions.

The Data Platform for Actional Enterprise Insights webinar will cover the following key challenges and talk about solutions to overcome them:
  • Finding and connecting to disparate sources of data
  • Making sure data is usable and fit-for-purpose
  • Moving data available where it needs to be at the right time
  • Generating a consistent view across data silos for a consistent 360 view of the business
  • Creating an insight-driven culture for 97% of employees which make split-second decisions which are data deprived
  • Driving adoption of new solutions to employees who lack time, skill, and inclination for change

On-Demand Webinars

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