Published: March 18, 2021  •  2419 Views

Creating a Sustainable Data Culture at Pfizer

This edition of MicroStrategy's Executive Series features an in-depth discussion with Steven Dawson, Senior Director, Digital Finance at Pfizer. The conversation covers a wide range of topics—from driving a cultural change in the business, to increasing data accessibility, and how these initiatives can reinforce each other.


[01:47] As Steve took on the role of digital finance, what were some of his primary objectives and some obstacles that he saw?

[03:40] Where did you all first initiate the automation of your financial reporting?

[09:48] What are some of the other projects you all have put into place to overcome the adoption challenges that naturally happen when rolling out something new?

[11:29] How are you seeing the culture at Pfizer change to be more data driven?

[15:20] How do you keep the momentum of these changes going?

[16:52] The next step is to bring analytics to everyone at the organization. What are some tools you all using to drive this adoption across the entire organization?

[19:30] Where do you see self-service analytics coming into play?

[21:40] If someone is trying to modernize their legacy reporting practices, what tip would you give them?

[24:29] What advice would you give to a leader who is trying to democratize/federate data and get that data out to the broader the organization?

[26:31] What is next for you and your team Steve? 


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