Published: March 24, 2022  •  387 Views

Crate&Barrel: How to Break Free from Legacy BI and Break Through with Modern Analytics

In its featured session at MicroStrategy World 2022, leaders at Crate&Barrel gave a behind-the-scenes look into the company’s extraordinarily successful BI transformation. Their story continues to resonate with other organizations looking to achieve similar results—so MicroStrategy is bringing them back by popular demand! 

Join our business intelligence experts for detailed insights on how Crate&Barrel:

  • Benefits with MicroStrategy vs. SAP BusinessObjects
  • Consolidated 35,000 reports down to 400
  • Migrated its data warehouse to the Google Cloud
  • Empowered uses to develop insights with self-service BI
  • Established a foundation for Augmented and Advanced Analytics

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Anupam Singh

Senior Director of Enterprise Business Intelligence

Arijit Kar

Manager Data Architecture

Laura Ross

Senior Manager of Analytics & Insights