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Connecting Humans to AI: Augmented Intelligence in the Enterprise

Rob Davis, Vice President of Solution Management at MicroStrategy, recently presented at the Data Champions, Online Europe for Financial Services, Corinium Intelligence Conference.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are now front and centre in the business optimisation plans of insight driven enterprises.   While this is resulting in an explosion in the number of models and algorithms available for organisations to optimise their performance, the last mile of AI where these algorithms are put into robust and agile business process has yet to be fully covered. 

In this discussion of the technological and cultural barriers to mass adoption of ML and AI driven analytics usage, you will learn:

  • How AI and ML practitioners can become part of the larger analytics community in an organisation both through tool integration and cultural awareness
  • How trust of AI and ML algorithms can be achieved through governance and traceability
  • How Data Scientists can learn how to become data storytellers and inspire everyone in the organisation to make better decisions through their work
  • How technologies like zero-click analytics can expose AI and ML to more people, and generate more training data as employees make decisions with algorithms

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