Published: November 23, 2020  •  180 Views

BigTech and the Future of Financial Services

As COVID-19 accelerates the shift to online services and mobile apps, many industry incumbents are struggling to fight off customer acquisition plays from FinTech challengers on one side and BigTech players on the other.  

To mount a response, traditional firms must focus fully on the customer – using the data they have in a more agile way to answer queries more quickly, personalise product offerings and deploy analytics to react to changing regulatory requirements, all in real-time.  


As a result, many firms are looking to cloud-based services, data unification and a 360 view of the customer in order to maintain existing users, while artificial intelligence tech is making staff more engaged and productive at a time of significant disruption.    

But while some pull ahead with more efficient systems, others are being held back by legacy technology and siloed data,  and are left asking whether it’s worth investing in new technologies to keep up, or - if they can’t beat the digital challengers - whether it’s better to join them.  

This webinar features a discussion on these topics between:

  • Robert Davis, Vice President of Solution Management at MicroStrategy
  • Ranil Boteju, Global Head of Data and Analytics at HSBC Wealth and Personal Banking, and 
  • Scott Johnson, Vice President and Head of Product at Western Union Business Solutions.

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