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Top Tips: Setup and Support for URL API with MicroStrategy Web (Part 2: Practice)

You have questions — and your MicroStrategy Support team has answers.

This on-demand webinar provides a foundational understanding of how you can leverage URL APIs to perform a variety of actions for MicroStrategy Web with a single click. This includes delivering prompt query answers for your analyses, streamlining your navigation across Dossiers, documents, and reports, and much more. 

Part 2: Practice builds on our customer's feedback from when we presented on this topic last fall, providing you with a practical understanding of how URL APIs can be leveraged for typical use cases in the context of your MicroStrategy ecosystem. In Part 2, our product specialists demonstrate how to successfully set up and configure URL APIs for MicroStrategy Web, and address tips and tricks for avoiding pitfalls and troubleshooting common issues. 

In order to get the most out of Part 2, Platform Administrators, System Administrators, and Intelligence Directors are encouraged to tune into Part 1: Theory hosted the previous week to gain an essential, foundational understanding of URL APIs for MicroStrategy Web.

This session was recorded live on Friday, October 30, 2020.

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