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Top Tips: Introduction to HyperIntelligence from MicroStrategy (Part 1)

You want to learn more — and your MicroStrategy Education team is here to teach you. 

Discover how you can reimagine your business intelligence experience with HyperIntelligence! Watch this on-demand webinar about how you can leverage MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence to provide instant, contextual answers to your users within the tools they work in most. 

Our experts will share an overview of HyperIntelligence—a product suite exclusively offered by MicroStrategy that analysts have described as the most innovative breakthrough in the industry in years. We'll explore popular use cases that demonstrate the versatility, flexibility, and usability of this revolutionary BI product, and provide an overview of how quick-and-easy it is to build and share HyperIntelligence cards with your users. 

Recommended for everyone from Business Users and Analysts to Application Architects and Platform Administrators, Application Architects, this webinar will share the fundamentals you need so that you can start imagining the insight you deliver in an entirely new way. It also lays the foundation for the setup and support tips and tricks we'll share in Part 2: Practice the following week. 

Pilot HyperIntelligence in 1 week!

Getting started with HyperIntelligence is easier than you think. See how quick and easy it is to deploy your first HyperIntelligence Card.

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