Published: February 10, 2022  •  320 Views

What’s New for MicroStrategy Library & HyperIntelligence

In 2022, Library & HyperIntelligence bring faster, no-code insights wherever and whenever you need. Watch this session from World 2022 to get to know the latest features.

Having the insights that you need to make decisions in real-time is usually difficult if not impossible. With MicroStrategy Library and HyperIntelligence, make impossible possible by empowering your entire organization with insights and answers whenever and wherever you are—in your everyday applications or on any device! In this session from MicroStrategy World 2022, the product team introduced the latest features for Library and HyperIntelligence.


Watch this session to learn more about the latest Library and HyperIntelligence features, such as:

  • Building no-code, personalized analytics Applications
  • Content subscriptions
  • Library dossier authoring
  • Contextual linking from HyperIntelligence Cards to Dossiers
  • Threshold-based color indicators for HyperIntelligence (HyperVision)



  • Holly Stevens, Product Manager, MicroStrategy
  • Nida Imtiaz, Product Manager, MicroStrategy
  • Jose Nocedal, Sr. VP of Product Management, MicroStrategy

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