Published: February 14, 2022  •  104 Views

What’s New for MicroStrategy Data Gateways & Semantic Graph

In 2022, MicroStrategy's enhanced data gateways, performance, & the semantic graph keep your data connections even more safe & efficient. Learn how in this session from World 2022.

In this session from MicroStrategy World 2022, the product team walked through the newest features for the MicroStrategy data ecosystem. Learn how you can leverage these top features today to empower your organization with actionable insights to champion data-driven decision-making for everyone in an organization.


Strengthen your data ecosystem with the newest features from the latest MicroStrategy release.

Watch this session to learn more about the latest data ecosystem features, such as:

  • New data gateways and certifications
  • Performance and security enhancements
  • Improvements to the platform upgrade process



  • Amit Nayak, Product Specialist, MicroStrategy
  • Witold Cichon, Product Specialist, MicroStrategy
  • Ananya Ojha, VP of Product Management, MicroStrategy
  • Ulyana Uebersezig, Product Marketing Manager, MicroStrategy

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