Published: February 10, 2022  •  143 Views

Unravel the Administrator’s World with Workstation

In 2022, Workstation is full of enhancements to make MicroStrategy administration easy and efficient. Watch this session from World 2022 to get to know the latest features.

This year, MicroStrategy released an expansive set of new features to support MicroStrategy administrators as they monitor and manage the platform with ease. Workstation has everything an administrator of MicroStrategy could ever need within one modern tool--watch this session from MicroStrategy World 2022, presented by the product team, to understand the benefits of MicroStrategy Workstation.


Empower your administrators with our modern one-stop shop, MicroStrategy Workstation.


Watch this session to learn more about the latest Workstation administration features, such as:

  • Environment and project configuration settings
  • All-new monitors and security management
  • Content subscription management
  • Task automation



  • Shruthi Mulagada, Product Manager, MicroStrategy
  • Marta Pietruczuk, Product Specialist, MicroStrategy
  • Jose Nocedal, Sr. VP of Product Management, MicroStrategy

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