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ServiceNow System Request Tracking & Analytics Solution Powered by MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy can enhance ServiceNow in a number of areas:

  • Dates, data groupings, calculated fields, and parameterized reports
  • Custom charts and views for more complex reporting
  • Data quality, governance and consistency
  • System overload and usage optimization

MicroStrategy’s leading analytics platform provides powerful and visually rich dossiers, a semantic graph that ensures trusted data governance, security and consistency across the enterprise, and HyperIntelligence that injects zero click insights into popular applications to deliver intelligence everywhere.
Watch this video and learn how you can take ServiceNow to the next level, providing:

  • Greater accessibility and enterprise adoption
  • Ad hoc analysis that’s as easy as point and click
  • An intuitive path to highly formatted, exportable and easily consumable reports
  • An easy to use drag and drop interface that takes the creation process from days or weeks to minutes or hours
  • Quick access to detailed reporting of underlying data

[00:19]  How MicroStrategy can enhance ServiceNow
[00:46]  Dossier
[01:17]  Data Connectors
[01:46]  Drag and Drop Interface and Enterprise Semantic Graph
[02:11]  Ad Hoc Analysis as Easy as Point and Click
[02:47]  Suite of APIs and Dynamic and Textual Linking Launch Pads into ServiceNow
[02:59]  Delivering Insights within Popular Applications through HyperIntelligence

Hosted By:

Scott Moore, Senior Field Marketing Manager

Business Intelligence

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