Published: February 08, 2022  •  629 Views

Sainsbury's: Where Data and Curiosity Meet Big Business

Explore how Sainsbury's empowers better decisions with its digital transformation and trusted analytics—and learn tips to jumpstart your own journey to Intelligence Everywhere.

Learn how Sainsbury’s, the leading retailer in the United Kingdom led a multi-year digital transformation and established a result-driven enterprise analytics strategy. Hear from Helen Hunter, Chief Technology Officer at Sainsbury’s on how they've been “stitching together a patchwork quilt of legacy data solutions” to transform its analytics into a competitive advantage.

Want to learn more? See why Sainsbury's secured the Intelligent Enterprise Award at MicroStrategy World 2022—the annual analytics conference for users across the globe.


  • Helen Hunter, Chief Technology Officer, Sainsbury's
  • Nick Barth, Senior Sales Engineer, MicroStrategy


Sainsbury's Retail Success Story

Learn how Sainsbury's established an enterprise data and analytics strategy to transform information into a competitive edge.

Retail Solutions

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