Published: February 02, 2022  •  1149 Views

No-Code, Personalized Analytics with MicroStrategy Library

MicroStrategy Library empowers you with personalized analytics applications that bring you insights you need in real-time—watch this session from World 2022 to get to know Library.

Data-driven organizations are more likely to exceed their objectives than data-deprived organizations, but building and maintaining a data-driven culture is a challenge for any company. With modern design experiences, sub-second response times, and trusted answers, let MicroStrategy LibraryTM help you turn your data into actions. In this session from MicroStrategy World 2022, the product team showcased Library, a no-code personalized analytics portal built for collaboration.


Modernize analytics consumption with Library. Experience personalized analytics applications like never before.


Watch this session to learn how:

  • Library empowers anyone to build no-code, accessible analytics applications
  • Administrators can customize Library into a branded, personalized analytics portal
  • Anyone can deliver analytics applications—tailor-made for user groups like executive teams and departments



  • Holly Stevens, Product Manager, MicroStrategy
  • Vivian Yung, Product Specialist, MicroStrategy
  • Ulyana Uebersezig, Product Marketing Manager, MicroStrategy

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Modern Analytics

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