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NICE: Smart Development for Outstanding Customer Experiences

Explore how a fully containerized MicroStrategy Cloud deployment helps NICE visualize CX data and deliver exceptional customer experiences with CXone—the world’s leading cloud CX platform.

Learn how partnering with MicroStrategy to deliver best-in-class data and analytics visualizations at scale helps NICE lead the market for cloud CX solutions—helping 25,000+ organizations in 150+ countries deliver extraordinary customer experiences. Discover how the MicroStrategy Cloud enables application agility, fast development, streamlined integration, and rapid deployment to ensure CXone customers have the “out of this world” data visualizations they need to enhance value for customers and consumers worldwide.   


In this session from MicroStrategy World 2022, product visionaries for NICE CXone lead a robust discussion about how thoughtful design, a sharp focus on persona needs, and strong partnerships resulted in their suite of fully optimized, data-driven applications spanning dozens of customer service personas. Plus, explore how an optimized architecture, governed development processes, stunning data visualizations, and a fully containerized MicroStrategy Cloud deployment for embedded analytics help make NICE CXone the highest-rated suite of cloud contact center applications on the market.     


Want to learn more? Explore why NICE nabbed the Innovation Award at MicroStrategy World 2022—the annual analytics conference for users across the globe.



  • Naama Damty, Chief Architect and VP, Workforce and Customer Experience Division, NICE
  • Daniel Billauer, Senior Director, CXone Product Line, NICE
  • Mohamed Abouelseoud, Senior Vice President, OEM, Product Management, MicroStrategy

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