Published: February 10, 2022  •  190 Views

New Revenue Streams with Partner Portals & Data Monetization

Learn from an expert analyst on how to build a data monetization strategy that leverages your company's data to open new revenue opportunities.​

Data is the leading driver of digital innovation, but it must go beyond insights to trigger better decisions and actions.
 Every company is now a software company and what makes them stand out from the competition is its ability to innovate by turning data into value-added products and services for customers and partners. Which fuels growth while embracing emerging trends and enhanced analytics help generate value and increase ROI for customers and partners

In this session from MicroStrategy World 2022, an expert analyst presents how to take advantage of Next-Generation Embedding and Emerging Trends to Deliver (and Sell) Actionable Insights. 


Watch this session to know more on how:

  • Digital Innovators Deliver Software & Services
  • Next-Gen Embedded Analytics Speed Innovation
  • To Embrace Trends Evolving Embedded Analytics



  • Doug Henschen, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

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Embedded analytics platforms give innovators a head start against the competition.

Embedded Analytics

5/5 videos | 2H 55M 8S total runtime