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MicroStrategy’s Containerized & Multi-Tenant Architecture

See how to leverage the new MicroStrategy Containerized Micro-Services Architecture, paired with industry leading deployment automation tools, to provision and deliver automated and cost-efficient multi-tenant applications.

In this session from MicroStrategy World 2022, our professional services and product team explains why MicroStrategy is the most flexible BI platform in the market to handle multi-tenancy. Every day, OEM applications must improve their SLAs and the capabilities offered. The ability to scale existing environments and deploy additional environments in an automated and secure manner is critical.


Watch this session to know more on:

  • MicroStrategy Multi-Tenancy Options
  • Why Automation is Key?
  • The Future of MicroStrategy Deployments
  • MicroStrategy Cloud Roadmap



  • Abraham Janne, Vice President, Professional Services,  MicroStrategy
  • Shreyas Shah, Product Manager, MicroStrategy

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