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MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence for OEM

Enter HyperIntelligence™, where insights just appear within your web page or mobile device. No hunting. Cards bring answers directly to users through contextualized analytics that’s as simple as hovering over a highlighted word. You and your end-customers can design Cards using a simple drag and drop tool. All customizable. Do the Card’s insights draw you in? Just click on the Card’s dossier link for drill down, all in context. Take it a step further.

MicroStrategy’s platform enables telemetry and machine learning that power our recommendation engines to present insights that find the user – insights the user didn’t know about. Imagine how this totally changes the game for analytics adoption as well as the adoption of your core application. HyperIntelligence™ makes 100% user adoption a realistic goal.

MicroStrategy for OEMs

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