Published: September 22, 2022  •  336 Views

MicroStrategy Connect: What's New with Product Management (September)

The MicroStrategy Connect series allows you to connect with teams across MicroStrategy in real time. Watch this live session with the Product Management team on What's New.

Did you know only about 20% of users across an organization have direct access to data applications? In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape—that doesn’t make the cut. The ability to tap into the power of data is core to maintaining a competitive edge. So what’s your next step? MicroStrategy is making it easier to activate that data and spark action.

In this MicroStrategy Connect session, we talked with top leaders from our Product Management team to get the first look at how we’re taking the business user experience to the next level—extending data accessibility and driving smart decisions with even smarter applications.

All new: we debuted an entirely new product feature that kicks off our augmented product journey, allowing users to explore relevant insights and save time with increased focus.

Make sure your organization is prepared for BI of the future.


Featured Speakers:

  • Holly Stevens Senior Product Marketing Manager, Product Strategy
  • Erika Moreno Senior Director, Product Management
  • Divya Singh Vice President, Product Owner
  • Nida Imtiaz Senior Product Manager, Augmented & HyperIntelligence

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