Published: June 29, 2023  •  186 Views

MicroStrategy Connect: Generative AI & What's Next

The MicroStrategy Connect series provides the exclusive on product, industry trends, and what's next. This episode previews the seamless integration of AI across the MicroStrategy ONE platform.

Fun Fact: We’re celebrating 25 years of being a publicly traded company!

At one of the most exciting World events in company history, we debuted MicroStrategy ONE. MicroStrategy ONE is the platform designed for all analytics use cases—build self-service dashboards, schedule the delivery of trusted financial reports, create advanced applications, or embed analytics into existing portals and app ecosystems. We can do it all. Better than the rest. Trust us, we’ve seen the numbers.

MicroStrategy ONE is the future of analytics and the base of cutting-edge technology up next. And we’re innovating in the product labs like never before. In this MicroStrategy Connect, we spoke with members of the Product team to get exclusive commentary on the roadmap.



  • Holly Stevens, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Product Strategy


Featured Speakers:

  • Saurabh Abhyankar, Executive Vice President, Chief Product Officer
  • Jose NocedalSenior Vice President, Product Owner
  • Marta PietruczukProduct Manager, Workstation

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1/26 videos | 20H 55M 55S total runtime


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