Published: February 24, 2023  •  604 Views

MicroStrategy Connect: Fast Data Visualizations

The MicroStrategy Connect series allows you to go behind the scenes with top Dossier experts. And this time, see how fast it is to build data visualizations with Workstation.

We’re the platform built for ALL. That’s right, we’re not just for the enterprise. We’re for individual analysts, small groups, local departments. You name it, we’re here for it.

Workstation is the powerhouse product designed for all users of an organization. It’s traditionally known as the hot spot for our architects and administrators, but this time? We’re focused on our analysts—from building a simple visualization to a full application. It's time to power up intelligence everywhere, for everyone.

So, just how fast can you start to visualize the data? Some of our top Dossier experts are going to find out. Get into the world of free-form with drag-and-drop visualizations, explore the latest from the visualization gallery, and understand exactly what data you have access to whether offline or online. Get the exclusive on data access and data creativity with MicroStrategy Workstation.

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  • Holly Stevens, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Product Strategy
Featured Speakers:
  • Alex Olvera, Product Manager, Principal
  • Marta Pietruczuk, Product Manager, Workstation
  • Kevin Rooney, Senior Sales Engineer, Dossier Expert

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