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MicroStrategy Connect: Community Top 10

The MicroStrategy Connect series allows you to connect with teams to get the latest product updates. This time, we answered all the top questions from the MicroStrategy Community.

Can a user copy a cell from a grid? Are there folders in Library?

We sat down with a team of experts to discuss questions sourced from across the Community pages, as well as questions emailed directly to the Product Management team. 

The team talked about actionable analytics, the true power of HyperIntelligence, and how MicroStrategy Library can help your end users organize content in an all new way. Watch this to see if your question or product idea made it into the Community Top 10. And we may have even reviewed a few innovative roadmap items.


Featured Speakers:

  • Holly Stevens, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Product Strategy
  • Nida Imtiaz, Product Manager, Augmented & HyperIntelligence
  • Marta Pietruczuk, Product Manager, Workstation
  • Morgan Patterson, Sales Engineer, Federal

[1:00] Introduction
[8:23] Can you color HyperIntelligence cards based on a metric?
[10:54] Idea for transaction services in Dossier
[14:20] What is the difference between MicroStrategy Developer and MicroStrategy Workstation?
[16:37] Can we schedule python scripts in Workstation?
[22:14] Idea for an organizational folder structure in Library
[27:04] Can I link to a dossier from a HyperIntelligence card?
[31:50] Idea for vertical scroll bars in Dossier
[35:10] Idea to add "rotate text" or "wrap text" property to charts in Dossier
[37:20] Can we share bookmarks with other users in Library?
[39:51] Dossier templates or reusable objects
[41:15] The future of Hyperintelligence?
[45:02] Can you migrate content in Workstation? Is there a new object manager in Workstation?
[47:09] Are Reports coming to Library? Will we be able to view Reports there?
[48:49] Do you have to purchase transaction services to use transactions in Dossier?
[50:28] Can I white-label HyperIntelligence cards for my organization?
[52:45] Can we have object level security/ security filters within Dossier?
[54:03] Line chart Adjustments
[55:43] Are Information Windows available in Dossiers?

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