Published: February 03, 2022  •  38 Views

Leveraging MicroStrategy to Advance Equity in Education

MicroStrategy experts discuss how you can use dashboards to allocate funds while analyzing metrics and state averages to identify gaps in equity, diversity, and innovation.

Over the past two years, the global pandemic has exacerbated our country's need to advance equity within the education system. It's been made clear that school districts must provide students of any demographic, culture, or background the same access to a quality education in order to solve for the current inequity we are plagued with. 


Through new federal funding, school districts now have access to the essential funding needed to address this inequity gap. Join MicroStrategy experts to learn how you can use dashboard reporting to target and allocate funds while analyzing your district or school metrics vs the state average to identify gaps and drive an increase in equity, diversity, and innovation within your four walls.



  • Vihao Pham, Sales Engineer, MicroStrategy
  • Alex Johnson, Account Executive, MicroStrategy

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