Published: February 10, 2022  •  252 Views

Incorporating HyperIntelligence into Modern Enterprise Applications

Learn how to inject instant insights with low code solutions.

Nearly 97% of real-time enterprise decisions are data deprived and only 3% can find information in seconds. Make any enterprise application hyperintelligent by embedding instant insights and one-click actions. Most employees don’t have the time, skill, or inclination to find and use analytics when making a decision. HyperIntelligence solves this challenge—injecting the relevant intelligence your business has into the systems your people already use to do their job. 

In this MicroStrategy World 2022 session, our product team shows how you can easily embed intelligence and inject insights into your business applications with low code/no code solutions. Whether it’s a proprietary app or an enterprise tool, you can customize your UX with relevant, contextual data to empower your people. 


Watch this session to learn about:

  • Hyper SDK: extension-free embedding
  • Integrate Hyper SDK into your existing applications
  • Rebranding HyperIntelligence Web to seamlessly integrate into your product ecosystem



  • Nida Imtiaz, Product Manager, HyperIntelligence, MicroStrategy
  • Raul de Leon, Principal Product Owner, MicroStrategy

Pilot HyperIntelligence in 1 week!

Getting started with HyperIntelligence is easier than you think. See how quick and easy it is to deploy your first HyperIntelligence Card.

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