Published: February 02, 2022  •  347 Views

How Cloud Accelerates Innovation at Constellation Brands

Discover the ways MicroStrategy Cloud helped Constellation Brands drive business impact, and hear how its cloud-first analytics strategy accelerated its data-driven culture.

Discover the many ways that MicroStrategy Cloud adoption helped Constellation Brands accelerate business impact. Learn why Constellation Brands chose a two-phased approach to cloud migration to help it stay on the cutting edge of innovation—even when its data wasn’t there yet. Plus, hear how its cloud-powered analytics strategy accelerated its data-driven culture.


Session Highlights:

  • Understand why the cloud is an essential component of analytics modernization
  • Learn what tools MicroStrategy Cloud users have at their disposal to drive adoption and build collaboration
  • See why one customer prioritized analytics as part of a wider cloud migration project



  • Michael Shanley, Data Activation, Constellation Brands
  • Harrison Waddel, Account Executive, MicroStrategy 

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