Published: February 10, 2022  •  127 Views

Exasol: Turbocharging the BI Stack

Learn how to accelerate time to insights and how to future-proof your MicroStrategy environment by adding Exasol to your data stack.

By leveraging the power of a live connection, MicroStrategy can push down the heavy lifting to Exasol for fast on-the-fly aggregation and ad-hoc analytics. They illustrate the immediate effects by showing a responsive live demo on a 1 billion rows dataset. Finally we highlight the close partnership between MicroStrategy and Exasol as a platinum gateway vendor that guarantees a tight integration and reliable solution for joint customers.


About Exasol

Exasol develops the world’s fastest in-memory database for analytics and data warehousing, and offers first-class know-how and expertise in data insight and analytics. The in-memory analytic database is the first to combine in-memory, columnar compression and massively parallel processing, and is proven to be the world’s fastest topping the list in the TPC-H Benchmark tests for performance.

Sainsbury's Retail Success Story

Learn how Sainsbury's established an enterprise data and analytics strategy to transform information into a competitive edge.

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