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Digitalizing Healthcare with HyperIntelligence & Dashboards

Learn how Acibadem uses MicroStrategy dashboards and HyperIntelligence cards to monitor key performance indicators across a wide range of Healthcare services.

Acibadem shared details on their MicroStrategy dashboards and HyperIntelligence cards. They showcased their physician performance reports, hospitals’ daily indicators reports, and revenue reports at entity and department levels with various KPIs such as revenue driven from corporations, health institutions, banks or government insurance etc.        

They also showed HyperIntelligence cards, which Acibadem’s executives and senior managers use to monitor physicians’ key performance indicators, such as revenue, number of examinations, number of surgeries performed each day with comparison to respective periods in past.


Watch this session to see learn:

  • How Acibadem leverages HyperIntelligence and Dossier to showcase key physician performance metrics
  • How to leverage HyperIntelligence to report data to leadership
  • How to report on revenue, operations, and past data via Key Performance Indicators


  • Esra Aktan, Deputy Director, Acibadem

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