Published: February 09, 2022  •  239 Views

Democratizing AI & Machine Learning Workflows

This panel conversation includes experts from AWS, Snowflake and MicroStrategy that showcased the exciting journey to AI/ML democratization.

Listen to this panel conversation, which brought together experts from AWS, Snowflake, and MicroStrategy, about the next frontier in democratizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Topics include business value, use cases, challenges, and opportunities—along with a demonstration of how to build a technology landscape that makes it all possible.         


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about business benefits and use cases
  • Bring AI/ML to all users in the organization regardless of their skills
  • Architect a solution that meets a broad range of use cases


  • Bosco Albuquerque, Senior. Partner Solution Architect, Data and Analytics, AWS 
  • Dylan Tong, Global Technical Lead, AI Augmented Analytics, AWS 
  • Andries Engelbrecht, Partner Solution Architect, Snowflake 
  • Amit Nayak, Product Manager, MicroStrategy 
  • Alberto Abrisqueta, Product Manager, MicroStrategy

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Thought Leadership

1/4 videos | 2H 46M 56S total runtime