Published: December 09, 2022  •  471 Views

Define Authentication Modes and Configure Email Notifications for Applications

It's all about personalized experiences. Watch our Product team debut two new features that enhance customization and configuration of both email layouts and authentication modes.

We're enhancing the App Editor with new features in MicroStrategy Workstation:

  • Applications can now be configured to have their own default authentication method(s). This addition is critical since Applications allows you to provide different URL entry points to different experiences of Library. With specific authentication modes, different groups of users are able to have unique login experiences, all within the same environment. Learn more in this video.
  • Application administrators can now configure the contents, logo, and links in the email notifications that users receive when a dossier or bookmark is shared with them, or when being sent messages through Collaboration in Library. This configuration is stored at the application-level, different apps may have different email configurations.

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