Published: February 02, 2022  •  302 Views

Creating a Competitive Edge with Embedded Analytics

MicroStrategy's modern next-gen embedding features offer actionable insights and faster time-to-market. Watch this session from World 2022 for more information.

Reliable trust-worthy data at all times is the key to effective decision-making and moving business forward. By incorporating relevant data and analytics inside the applications used every day, we not only solve high-value business problems but also promote a culture of data-driven decision making and fuel growth. 

In this session from MicroStrategy World 2022, our product team talked about how Embedded Analytics helps achieve Intelligence Everywhere; why companies need to focus and invest in an embedding strategy, and how MicroStrategy’s modern next-gen features help take it to the next level. 

Watch this session to learn:

  • How Embedded Analytics increases adoption and generates new opportunities
  • How HyperIntelligence and Embedding SDK offers actionable insights and faster time- to-market
  • How MicroStrategy makes Embedded Analytics Sustainable with a Simplified Integration to any DevOps/CICD Pipelines


  • Antoine Issaly, Solutions Architect, World Wide OEM, MicroStrategy
  • Mohamed Abouelseoud, Senior Vice President, OEM, Product Management, MicroStrategy

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Embedded analytics platforms give innovators a head start against the competition.

Embedded Analytics

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