Published: February 10, 2022  •  372 Views

Architecting your Data Model in Minutes with Workstation

In 2022, MicroStrategy Workstation enables architects to efficiently model your data in a modern interface. Watch this session from World 2022 to learn about the latest features.

In this session from MicroStrategy World 2022, the product team walked through the latest features for Workstation in the context of a global travel agency's marketing strategy use case. In 2022, architects have everything they need to build and manage the data model in just minutes through Workstation.


Switch from Developer to the modern Workstation to empower your architects with a one-stop shop for all things MicroStrategy.


Watch this session to learn more about the latest Workstation architecting features, such as:

  • Schema editor
  • Attribute editor
  • Smart schema mapping recommendations
  • Metric editor



  • Erika Moreno, Sr. Director of Product Management, MicroStrategy
  • Marta Pietruczuk, Product Specialist, MicroStrategy
  • Jose Nocedal, Sr. VP of Product Management, MicroStrategy

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