PharmEasy Used MicroStrategy to Successfully Navigate the COVID-19 Crisis

PharmEasy is one of India’s most trusted online healthcare platform. The Covid-19 public health crisis in India represented an existential threat. In the early days of the crisis, demand for medical deliveries spiked and Covid-19 caused a major disruption to the pharmaceutical supply chain, triggering delays in production and getting medicine to the market. In 2019, PharmEasy had deployed an Operations Control Tower solution that was built on top of the MicroStrategy intelligence platform. In building this robust, scalable solution, PharmEasy was able to create a one-stop shop for all of the company’s fulfillment performance metrics - from product validation to warehouse packing, and from billing to doorstep delivery. All possible metrics were tracked and continuously analyzed. In the event an anomaly was detected in the data, automatic alerts were set up to inform the Operations team to take corrective action.

Having this solution in place, PharmEasy was able to put analytics at the heart of its decision-informing systems. It embedded insights and harnessed the power of MicroStrategy’s semantic layer to define a uniform understanding of company metrics that ensured a single version of the truth. Armed with collaboration capabilities and mobile intelligence, the IT team and the Operations team were able to work hand in glove, ensuring that workflow continued under the most arduous of circumstances - and that the company was able to deliver on its promise to customers.