Published: April 01, 2021  •  314 Views

World 2021 Customer Awards - Scottish Power

ScottishPower is one of ‘the Big Six’ energy companies operating in the United Kingdom. The business leverages a wide range of analytical applications on the MicroStrategy platform. One of these applications, the HR Covid-19 Tracker, has become a key tool to ScottishPower’s day to day operations. This application has detailed maps that show key business and service data. Metrics such as absences, available teams, and other data help leadership best plan to operate amid Covid-19 constraints. With this application, leaders can also drill down on specific areas and employees to ensure the workforce is available. This application and other tools built with MicroStrategy have helped ScottishPower navigate today’s complex business environment. Employees of all levels, from the CEO down, leverage these applications to make quick and informed decisions. For their innovative and impactful application, ScottishPower was presented with a Customer Award at MicroStrategy World 2021.

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