Published: April 01, 2021  •  487 Views

World 2021 Customer Awards - NHS Glasgow and Clyde

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is one of the largest healthcare providers in the UK. Their facilities support over half a million patients per year, creating a large demand for their hospital beds and services. NHS Glasgow’s Command Center allows senior management and clinical staff to improve the quality of care that they provide to patients. Patients create massive amounts of healthcare data each day they’re in the hospital and they often stay multiple days. NHS Glasgow leverages their MicroStrategy Command Center to give the business access to key data in one centralized location. This has helped integrate the organization and ensures a single version of the truth. With MicroStrategy, NHS Glasgow is able to support clinical staff to make key decisions for patients. This direct access to data helps staff pinpoint issues and save lives. It has also helped the organization navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. For their amazing application, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde was presented with the Most Impactful Application Award at MicroStrategy World 2021.

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