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World 2021 Customer Awards - Pactia Conconcreto

Pactia Conconreto is a South American real estate and construction company with holdings in shopping malls, hotels, and offices. The organization operates using multiple sources of data, including billing, IT, and lines of business. To consolidate and analyze this data, Pactia Conconreto leverages MicroStrategy to power their Data Ecosystem project. This application consolidates all of the data and information from the business in one centralized location. HyperIntelligence also allows the business to access zero-click information to make development decisions in real time. In addition, Pactia Conconreto has moved their entire analytics stack to the MicroStrategy Cloud. By supercharging their business with HyperIntelligence and MicroStrategy Cloud, Pactia Conconreto has brought accurate insights to their entire organization. For their exciting Cloud-Based HyperIntelligence Application, Pactia Conconreto was presented with a Customer Award at MicroStrategy World 2021

Customer Awards

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