Published: February 24, 2021  •  250 Views

MD and MicroStrategy: from large-scale Reporting to Predictive Analytics

MD S.p.A. is a large-scale distribution company with around 800 stores and 8 consolidated logistics centers, and volumes of data of around 2 billion lines per year.
Longtime MicroStrategy customer, MD has always used the platform for its large-scale reporting. Starting from both a traditional DWH and a Big Data environment, they create daily reports, dossiers and dashboards that analyze the data related to costs, orders and sales and allow the management to make decisions faster.
In response to the economic uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and with the help of the MicroStrategy Professional Services, they are now in the process of developing a new predictive analysis algorithm - to be applied to their data - for the construction of a consumption forecasting prototype and an analysis of the so called "sentinel" products.

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