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Hospital Mãe de Deus: Increasing Efficiency and Improving Patient Care

With the purpose of taking care of people's health, offering the best care to their patients, Hospital Mãe de Deus, a brazilian reference in highly complex medical and hospital care, invested in the use of data analysis technology to modernize and streamline services , in addition to optimizing the operation. The technology is a differential of the Mãe de Deus Hospital, located in Porto Alegre (RS), and allowed to create a data-oriented management culture. Today, Intelligence is present throughout the hospital and BI and the management system are the main tools to support the hospital's business. Improving the patient's experience is a constant concern of the hospital. The entire journey of the patient inside the hospital is controlled, from his arrival at the reception to the first doctor, going through all necessary procedures such as medication and waiting for the results of exams, until the patient's release. Each stage is monitored and each one has an estimated service time to be fulfilled by doctors, nurses and other professionals. The goal is to bring more transparency and agility to the patient. The hospital uses MicroStrategy to create dashboards based on management system data and reproduces them on the various monitors that are spread out in the waiting areas. If a service that has not yet been carried out approaches the end of the estimated time, a flow of calls is automatically generated for the sector managers to verify what happened and take action. As a result, it was possible to feel an improvement in productivity and effectiveness. Two years ago, the average waiting time for a patient to be seen by a doctor was five hours, on average. Today, that number has dropped dramatically to 15 minutes. This was only possible with a strong work of management, processes and technology. All the information that the business areas need is delivered visually. It is possible, for example, to know by means of dashboards, in real time, how many of the hospital's 330 beds are free, occupied, in maintenance and hygiene. As well as, how many CT scans were done, number of ICU admissions, average ticket and costs in a given period. In addition, on a daily basis, the directors receive reports in their emails to access the dashboards that show data about the previous day's operation. The reports are made by business users, including doctors and other health professionals, who receive guidance from BI analysts on how to assemble dashboards and reports.

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