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Franconnect Command Center

While dashboards are an effective means to visualize enterprise data, they typically focus on lagging performance indicators and are disconnected from operational systems. However, for organizations looking to increase their revenue, profits, and competitive advantage, what is needed is to focus on leading indicators and provide prescriptive actions to their users in a single integrated system. Therefore, operations-oriented BI systems need to deliver Command Centers rather than dashboards. This session will cover how Franconnect embedded Microstrategy to provide actionable Command Centers for the franchise industry.

In this session we will present the following three topics: 

  1. The purpose and benefits of an enterprise Command Center.
  2. How franchise brands are improving unit performance with FranConnect's Command Center.
  3. Why Franconnect picked Microstrategy and our success so far.

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Franconnect Command Center

329 views  | January 22, 2021

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