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Computer Aid, Inc.: Strategic Project Intelligence

TrueProject, the world’s only automated oversight and governance solution that ensures project success by predicting problems before they occur, is a SaaS application developed by CAI and enabled by MicroStrategy. TrueProject is the world’s leading Strategic Project Intelligence (SPI) application. SPI is the process of maximizing project success through the automation of management information discovery. CAI leveraged several best-of-breed technologies to enable automation and information discovery. CAI has written an enterprise-level application that perhaps is not your traditional analytics application. It uses best of breed analytics, security, data capture, and implemented in a multi-tenant, seamless, secure, hosted environment! 

Some key accomplishments of how TrueProject has leveraged MicroStrategy:

  • Deep-linking to/from Dossier to a companion application
  • Brokering security with an identity and access management system
  • Implementing HyperCards in a SaaS application
  • Using MicroStrategy in a multi-tenant environment
  • Traditional reporting (Dossier and Document Services) 

Come see how CAI solved all these challenges and how MicroStrategy was a key component.

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