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Colvin Run Networks: Machine Learning and MicroStrategy - Predictive Maintenance in the U.S. Armed Forces

Colvin Run Network’s unique Conditions Based Maintenance (CBM+) solution called SHOPMAN (Supply Hub for Operational Predictive Maintenance and Analytics) leverages the power of MicroStrategy to increase system availability while optimizing the user experience and driving analytics adoption. SHOPMAN reduces sustainment costs by decreasing the likelihood of unnecessary orders and maintenance and it improves warfighter readiness by implementing CBM+ the way it was envisioned.
SHOPMAN delivers on three key components to achieve the long sought vision for predictive maintenance:

  1. Allows connection to a variety of disparate datasets in a secure and governed manner 
  2. Based on meaningful machine learning models
  3. Enables outputs of ML models to be shared in a user friendly, harmonized system across the enterprise

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