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Adiq: The power of data-driven management to achieve greater operational efficiency

The electronic payment segment is one of the most competitive in Brazil. In this scenario, in order to make its operation more efficient, Adiq, the acquiring arm of the BS2 bank which captures, processes and finalizes electronic payments, has been investing in technology. One of the challenges was to optimize the delivery of information that was previously done manually. Since 2019, the company has been using MicroStrategy's Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solutions to transform raw operation data into strategic information for decision making. Adiq uses the business data collected in the use of the machines, such as location, demographics, etc. to support its customers, sub-buyers and grow their business, thereby increasing the volume of money traded on Adiq machines. The users can generate reports and create dashboards with relevant information for executives much faster. The BI also enabled more accurate indicator management and gave the same view for all the areas that are consuming MicroStrategy's reports and dashboards. Because of this, currently, BI is an important company's resource, being responsible for supporting the decisions of the entire leadership team. The area acts in a consultative way and serves from the CEO and directors of operations and sales, to business managers and sales executives. The goal is to help internal customers resolve their business pains. BI allows, among other information to know, the revenue generated by each client; if the portfolio is performing as planned; business opportunities or improvements that could increase results, such as incentive campaigns or changes in pricing. BI was a milestone at Adiq in terms of portfolio management. New ideas to optimize the business automatically emerged. The commercial team started to work more data oriented. Besides this, the manager of the chargeback operation has quick and complete visibility on relevant information. With this data, which used to be in spreadsheets, it was easier to make decisions and the manager still gets to know quickly if the team is working within normal capacity or not. HyperIntelligence is also being used in the BI area and the idea is to expand its use to sales executives and bring even more agility. Without clicking on anything, just passing your finger or mouse over a customer's name, it is possible to have very quick and wide feedback about them.

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