UK & Northern Europe  |  September 8, 2021

Go beyond just dashboards. Go beyond just analytics. Inject intelligence everywhere. ​ 

Attend MicroWorld to find out how. Join us live for an in-depth look at how organizations are changing their approach to analytics, to huge effect. 

This compact agenda covers:

  • Short keynotes for those short on time, and big on urgency​
  • Real-world advice - and lessons learned - from organizations leading by example
  • Practical step-by-step project plans - produced by industry experts - on how to modernize your analytics now 
  • Extensive demos of the latest MicroStrategy 2021 Platform - for both new and existing MicroStrategy users
  • Hands-on workshops, all completely free of charge
This event will be hosted in English language and is desigend for audiences from UK, Ireland, Netherland, Nordics, Eastern Europe, and anybody else intersted in attending an English speaking MicroStrategy event during European time. 



9:30 AM CEST 8:30 AM BST Welcome & Keynote: Vision at Work
Real-world examples of intelligence everywhere you can easily echo in your organization
New to MicroStrategy
Modernize Your Analytics Experience
10:45 AM CEST 9:45 AM BST Build an Intelligent Enterprise Evolve from Traditional BI to Modern Analytics
11:45 AM CEST 10:45 AM BST Accelerate Your Analytics User Adoption Transform Documents into Stunning Dossiers
12:30 PM CEST 11:30 AM BST Turn Your Data into a Differentiator Innovate Faster with MicroStrategy Cloud
1:45 PM CEST 12:45 PM BST Workshop: Faster and Smarter Decisions with HyperIntelligence  Workshop: Build Dossiers that Delight and Inform
1:45 PM CEST 12:45 PM BST Organizations Leading by Example: Visma - A Paramount Shield for a World-class BI Solution

9:30 AM CEST

Vision at Work

Join us and hear from innovators and industry leaders that have embraced the vision of Intelligence Everywhere. These organizations are able to quickly build and deploy scalable applications that are delivering concrete results in a year laden with unforeseen challenges. See how you can redefine your business and experience vision at work.

9:50 AM CEST

How many BI platforms does a large enterprise like Sainsbury’s really need?

Sainsbury’s is a company with a clear, successful business strategy.  This, in part, is enabled by the Sainsbury’s Tech organisation which has a single, modern, centralised vision for the company's data and analytics platform. Steven Henson-Tyers manages Sainsbury’s extensive Data Visualisation & Automation team within the Applied Data & Analytics organisation. In this presentation, he will explain why Sainsbury's strategy has at its centre one single MicroStrategy Business Intelligence platform and looks at what efficiencies this makes possible in keeping thousands of colleagues connected and informed.

1:45 PM CEST

Visma: A Paramount Shield for a World-class BI Solution

An increasing number of Visma products are developed and operated according to the Visma Cloud Delivery Model (VCDM). VCDM is a continuously improving framework Visma uses to ensure that we deliver cloud software that is secure, reliable, performant, and responsive to customer needs. With MicroStrategy as the core platform, Enterprise BI is one of Visma's VCDM services that benefits from that framework. 

T. Alexander and Carlos will explain how VCDM and dashboard design frameworks shield a BI solution used by local governments in Norway and how MicroStrategy fulfills these rigorous compliances.  

10:45 AM CEST

Build an Intelligent Enterprise

Building a data-driven culture is a challenge for any company. Modern design experiences, sub-second response times, and trusted answers – along with an exponential growth in data on the cloud – are all essential to a successful return on investment. MicroStrategy has been delivering enterprise analytics solutions to the world’s most successful brands for over 30 years. Learn how you can create personalized business intelligence experiences for every user, boost collaboration between teams, and maximize adoption to turn your data into results.

11:45 AM CEST

Accelerate Your Analytics User Adoption

Even with the best of conventional BI deployments, only about 30% of any given organization has access to the information it needs to make important decisions. Meet HyperIntelligence, the tool that fills the gap by delivering analytics in zero clicks — and with zero learning curve to 100% of users. Answers are delivered before users even ask the questions — making every experience and application faster and smarter.

12:30 PM CEST

Turn Your Data into a Differentiator

Market leaders tell us the next decade will be defined by the delivery of predictive, context-rich analytics – presented instantly, inside the websites and applications that business users, analysts, and developers use every day. With the industry’s most powerful semantic layer and the broadest suite of APIs and SDKs, MicroStrategy can help you embed, extend, and integrate the power of enterprise analytics into every experience – for your employees, your partners, and your customers.

1:45 PM CEST

Workshop: Faster and Smarter Decisions with HyperIntelligence

Develop the skills to leverage MicroStrategy’s modern business intelligence tool for zero-click analysis. Create a HyperIntelligence card to display easily consumable data and use it to quickly to inform business decisions while completing product research in a web browser.

10:45 AM CEST

Evolve from Traditional BI to Modern Analytics

Learn about the powerful tools and features that will accelerate your modern analytics experiences. Discover how MicroStrategy offers the breadth, depth, and flexibility you need to develop, manage and monitor analytics applications in minutes—eliminating data silos and empowering both IT and business users.

11:45 AM CEST

Transform Documents into Stunning Dossiers

MicroStrategy 2021 allows developing stunning Dossiers that enhances data storytelling at your organization easier and more powerful. Learn how to convert your legacy documents to pixel-perfect, responsive dossiers modernizing your applications within your Enterprise and allowing everyone to make smarter and data-driven decisions every day.

12:30 PM CEST

Innovate Faster with MicroStrategy Cloud

Modernize your analytics more easily than ever with enterprise intelligence powered by the MicroStrategy Cloud. Discover how the optimized speed, performance, security, and administration you’ll receive with our fully managed cloud service will best position you to stay ahead of the competition. Learn more on how to adopt cloud confidently and quickly with a complimentary migration delivered by our experts—in a matter of weeks with no disruption to your users.

1:45 PM CEST

Workshop: Build Dossiers that Delight and Inform

Create a guided analytical experience by building an interactive dossier to showcase and explore business data through visualizations. Leverage the latest enhancements to the authoring experience, such as panels, to display different slices of your data in the same location on the dossier page. Design a responsive, free-form layout to further customize your dossier pages with shapes and rich text boxes.

Steven Henson-Tyers

Senior Data Visualisation and Automation Manager 

Sainsbury’s plc

T. Alexander Lystad

Director of Cloud and Engineering


Carlos Canales

Group Manager and Service Owner | Enterprise BI