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Our Vision: Intelligence Everywhere

Elevating data insights is the key to understanding your customers, propelling new ideas forward, and transforming your strategy to disrupt the industry. It’s time to go all in.

At MicroStrategy, we build products that make it easy to infuse data into your decision making, regardless of ecosystem, to meet users where they are. We even provide insights to users before they know to look with machine learning (ML) models and augmented workflows.

We build products that are innovative


Design and deploy intuitive and personalized applications for specific users with next steps embedded all in one.  The product roadmap for Dossier is focused on action-oriented workflows to make the decision-making process faster and more seamless.



We're focused on delivering insights to all users, even those who might not be thinking about them. With new designs of features such as HyperIntelligence and Insights, we’ve been a leader in debuting new ways to think about data proactively.



Cloud is the foundation of both scalability and innovation. When thinking about analytics at scale, our team keeps trust and integrity top of mind. By building on top of the Semantic Graph model, we are able to maximize data governance and efficiency.


What’s New

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Leverage Transactions in Dossier

Enable users to interact with data in dossiers with the transactional grid. Seamlessly embed actionable analytics to transform workflows.

Design with Dossier 

Enhance the dossier experience with information windows that enable contextual insights right from the viewing experience in Library.

Embedded Analytics

Power up existing tools or websites with embedded analytics. Enable access to the entire MicroStrategy Library content portal.

Seamless Migrations in Workstation

Seamlessly migrate objects across different environments for improved efficiency. Reuse or reverse migration packages if needed.

MicroStrategy Cloud for Government

Get the exclusive on MicroStrategy Cloud for Government with experts from our Federal team. Now FedRAMP authorized.

Creating and Editing Reports

Get access to Reports in MicroStrategy Library and interact with data in a simple, grid format. Export or directly share reports.

Tell me more about Insights

It’s not what you think. Well it is, but on the next level. This exciting product was just released in Q2 2022 and was built to deliver automated alerts that report data outliers and specific trends. Simply select KPIs to keep track of and let us do the work. Think of it as your own personal assistant here to help and provide you with the insights you need.

So, what’s next?

Get a sneak into what we’re building behind the scenes.
Product Initiative
Why we care?
Upcoming Features
Augmented The world of augmented analytics saves time and improves focus, a double win. For us, it's all about elevating insights to take out the guessing and replace it with knowing. That's impact.
  • Seamless Delivery of Insights via Distribution Services
  • Advanced Recommendations Based on Telemetry and Semantic Graph
  • Additional Machine Learning Model Support Including for External Models
Cloud Expansion Cloud is the foundation of advanced analytics. And we play well with others. Our open approach is intentional, never locking you into a technology stack and constantly expanding our cloud mindset to include the latest vendors. From public, private, hybrid, or portable deployments—we’ve got you.
  • Google Cloud (GCP)
Personalized Data Experiences We’re about data anywhere and everywhere. In dashboards, in applications, in third-party tools. Or use embedded capabilities to integrate analytics into your existing product ecosystem. Design an actionable data experience like no other.
  • Integration with Productivity Suite(s)
  • Enhanced App Configuration and Customization
  • Trigger Python Scripts to Embed User Actions in Dossier

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