MicroStrategy Lightning Platform

A new software platform to address enterprise-specific use cases with the Lightning Network.

Lightning Rewards

Reward customers, employees, event attendees, or anyone with Bitcoin. Incentivize any behavior and maximize engagement with instant Satoshi redemption.

Electrify your initiatives with instant Satoshi rewards

Sign up

  • Making purchases​
  • Subscription sign-ups​
  • Early adoption of new products


  • Referring new customers​
  • Leaving reviews​
  • Loyalty milestones


  • Participation in contests​
  • Birthday or special events
  • Participating in surveys​ or events

Meeting Attendance

  • Punctual meeting attendance​
  • Attendance at corporate events​
  • Being engaged in meetings​

Staying Healthy

  • Achieving daily exercise time goal​
  • Hitting step count targets​
  • Consecutive days of exercise

Community Contribution

  • Incentives for publishing articles​
  • Recognition for best answer selections​
  • Rewards for answering questions​

Designed for the highest efficiency, scalability and security

Deliver instant gratification to users

Make your brand and programs as addictive as a video game with constant incentive. Instantly transfer Satoshis, a fraction of bitcoin, to your customers and employees when they complete certain actions – such as watch a video – that are predefined in reward rules.

Build rewards and loyalty into your existing systems

Integrate with most enterprise applications quickly and securely in a matter of minutes. Lighting Rewards is designed for unlimited scalability and the highest security with an open, extensible microservices architecture.

Configure addictive reward rules

Create and configure reward rules via the administrative portal. Determine incentive programs and satoshi limits. Build rules that combine events, users, dates, and reward amounts. Click-to-configure and then deploy rules instantly. 

Analyze behaviors to understand usage patterns

Measure the impact of your loyalty programs and gain complete visibility into engagement analytics and reward distribution. Know what’s working and what’s not – and develop more effective and personalized strategies.  

Enterprise-grade capabilities for the fastest path to increase engagement

Lightning Address

Transform each company email into a Lightning address to receive Sat rewards.

Admin portal

Easily setup wallets, reward rules, integration, and many other wizardries from intuitive portal.

Lightning Reward

Define any reward rules from no code to full code with enterprise-grade rule engine. 


Robust set of SDKs for integration, wallet, custody and payment for ultimate customization. 

Lightning wallet

Receive, send, and withdraw Sats to any Lightning wallets via web, mobile, or browser extension.

App integration

Integrate with most enterprise applications such as Salesforce, Zoom, Adobe in minutes. 

Partner with MicroStrategy for Launch

Integrate directly into MicroStrategy Lightning Platform as an out-of-the-box custody or payment partner​

Ready to become an early adopter?

Integrate Lightning Rewards into your business and be the first to incentivize employee and customers with Satoshis​